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Business bankruptcy attorneys in Erie, PA - Skiba & Brasco

No one starts a business expecting to fail. However, circumstances do change and there may come a time when it is necessary to look into your business bankruptcy options. Attorneys Skiba and Brasco have extensive experience in helping businesses resolve and overcome bankruptcy. In some cases, bankruptcy is the right choice to alleviate financial stresses on a business. Other times, financial problems can be handled outside bankruptcy. Attorneys Skiba and Brasco will be sure to look into all options before the consideration of closing the business completely.

There are two types of business bankruptcy:

  • Chapter 7: where your company would stop all operations and a trustee would sell the company's assets where the money would be used to pay off any outstanding debts.
  • Chapter 11: involves the reorganization of the debtor's business affairs and assets with an expectation to return to normal business operations and financial health in the future.

Attorneys Skiba & Brasco are committed to finding favorable solutions for businesses in Erie and Northwestern Pennsylvania. If your business is facing financial uncertainties, our business bankruptcy attorneys can confidentially discuss your options with you – both inside and outside of bankruptcy law. 

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