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Farm Bankruptcy Attorneys in Erie, PA | Skiba & Brasco

Attorneys Skiba and Brasco are highly experienced in guiding clients through the bankruptcy process. Chapter 12 is a form of bankruptcy that is used by family farmers and farm-related businesses that need relief from considerable amounts of debt. By working with Skiba and Brasco, you can be sure to determine the best decision that best fits your needs as a farmer.

Farm bankruptcy attorneys in Erie, PA - Skiba and BrascoFarm bankruptcy may be available for:

  • Family farms
  • Horse farms, dog kennels and animal raising
  • Logging or timber farms
  • Greenhouses or nurseries
  • Other farming operations

For consideration of declaring Chapter 12 bankruptcy as a "family" operation, 50 percent or more of the yearly income must derive from the farming. With the flexibility that Chapter 12 bankruptcy allows, a farmer can make a payment plan based on the harvest season. If a farmer isn't making enough money during the winter months, they can choose an installment plan that fits with their production. As a debt relief agency, attorneys Skiba and Brasco can help you recover your finances and discover the best bankruptcy option.

For more information about farm bankruptcy, contact Skiba & Brasco in Erie, PA.