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Child Support Attorneys in Erie, PA | Skiba & Brasco

Attorneys Skiba and Brasco recognize that in Pennsylvania, a parent has an obligation to pay a sum of money for maintenance of their child. This obligation of child support, as it is recognized, is required until the child is of the age 18 or is emancipated. The child support amount is determined by the statutory guidelines - although a parent may request a modification of the support based on material and substantial changes in circumstances.

Child support attorneys in Erie, PA - Skiba and Brasco

Child support is governed by a fairly rigid set of guidelines in the state of Pennsylvania. When working with Skiba and Brasco, these guidelines set forth a recommended amount of child support based on the respective net monthly income of each party involved. Once the net incomes of both parents are established, the number of children are then included, and after factoring in certain additional expenses and deducting others, a monthly amount of child support is calculated. This amount will then be further divided by the percentage of overnight custody of each parent. The parent receiving child support is called the obligee, and the parent paying child support is referred to as the obligor.

A few factors and components that determine child support include:

  • Number of children under the age of 18 or emancipated
  • Income of parents
  • Medical and educational needs
  • Child care costs

These guidelines were revised in August 2013 to include changes to the minimum reserve amount and amended figures for support. The guidelines include figures for combined net monthly income up to $30,000. Attorneys Skiba and Brasco can represent you in a new support case or modification of an existing order regardless of whether you are the plaintiff or defendant in the action. Regardless of the circumstances, child support cases are often times very difficult for the families involved and our team of highly experienced child support attorneys who work with Skiba and Brasco will help you navigate through the process.

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