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Divorce attorneys in Erie, PA - Skiba and BrascoAre you considering a divorce? Have you bee served divorce papers and you don't know where to turn? Going through a divorce is an unquestionably emotional time for anyone. It is important that you have an attorney on your side who understands the law regarding divorce in Pennsylvania. In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, not only are there several types of divorces, there are several components involved with a divorce such as:

The attorneys at Skiba and Brasco will guide you through the system in a manner that is most favorable to you and in accordance with your wishes and goals. Skiba and Brasco take a hands-on, proactive and solution-oriented approach to resolving the complex issues that present a barrier to resolving your divorce amicably. Our attorneys have it at our disposal to implement the most aggressive, precise and up-to-date strategies in order to effectively represent clients either in negotiations or in litigation or both.

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